Far too many creatives are broke and lack the confidence they need to get paid what they’re worth.

I’m here to change that

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  • Money-making tips for creatives: I’ll teach you all sorts of tips and tricks that’ll help you turn your content into cold hard cash. From content creation to email marketing, product creation, sales, attracting clients, and more, I’ll show you what it really takes to make money with your gifts.

  • Money-making opportunities: I’ll be scouring the internet to find opportunities for people like you to get paid handsomely. You won’t find any tips on getting $5 jobs from fivver, writing for content mills, or any other bs money-making method that doesn’t pay enough to be worth your time

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  • Content creators: Bloggers, Authors, YouTubers, Podcasters, Social Media Influencers

  • Freelancers: Writers, designers, video professionals, or any other freelance job that involves creating content

  • Creative professionals: Anyone who creates content for their profession or considers themselves in a creative field

  • Entrepreneurs: In 2022, pretty much all businesses are media businesses.

Now let’s talk about why you should trust me to teach you about making money with your creative gifts.

I don’t have any fancy credentials. I don’t have a Ph.D. in psychology or an MFA in writing.

I simply have results…

Results that are better than 90 percent of the people who’ve ever tried to make a living using their creative gifts

Hell, my results are better than the vast majority of people who teach this stuff…

Most people start ‘make money online’ businesses when they’re still wet behind the ears. It’s a turn-off for most readers because they can intuitively smell BS.

I spent seven years achieving all of the following before I went all-in on teaching others.

I’m not a millionaire. I’m not Gary Vaynerchuk by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s a good thing…

It means I’m close enough to you that results like mine seem achievable (they are), but I have enough experience to teach you, even if you have some experience yourself.

Let’s take a look at my “Street Cred”

My favorite ‘stat’ has nothing to do with how much money I’ve earned or how many followers I have.

It’s a stat that speaks to the number one issue most creatives, and probably you, struggle with…


Most aspiring creatives don’t even need to worry about advanced marketing techniques or building some huge brand.

They need to create some damn content and do it longer than a couple days, weeks, or months.

Over the years, I’ve seen tons of creatives come and go. They get chewed up by the game and spit out just as fast.

I can count the number of creators I personally know that started at the same time as me on one hand. It’s that bad…

Here’s my favorite stat.

I’ve been writing, nearly every single day, for the past seven years, without ever taking a break unless I was ill.

Most of my colleagues and members of my audience are in awe of how much I create and how consistently I do it.

If you stick with me, I can teach you how to be prolific.

Now let’s look at the nitty-gritty details that prove I’m worthy of teaching you:

  • I’ve made roughly $400,000 directly from writing: This includes writing on Medium, book royalties, and freelance jobs. This doesn’t include courses, coaching, or affiliate sales

  • I’m a Medium Hall of Famer: Well, in my opinion at least. I have 89,000 followers on Medium. I was the top-earning writer on the entire website for six months in a row. In total, my Medium posts have been viewed by more than 10 million people.

  • I’ve sold more than 20,000 copies of my three books: All of which have 100+ positive reviews. Multiple readers have called my third book, Real Help: An Honest Guide to Self-Improvement, the best self-help book they’ve ever read. Don’t believe me? You can see for yourself right here.

  • I’m dabbling in teaching (and doing well already): I never made a serious attempt at coaching or selling courses, but even my half-baked experiments have netted close to six figures in revenue.

  • I have 10,000+ total subscribers on YouTube: Again, I haven’t even taken them quite that seriously yet. I have one channel for self-improvement and one for writing advice. Oh, did I mention I gave a TEDx talk?

When you’re looking to people for advice, it’s smart to check their receipts.

Well, these are mine…

I say none of this to brag. Ok, well, it’s fun to brag a little bit, but I did earn it.

I just want to help you feel certain that I can help you. I certainly believe I can.

Sign up and I’ll show you the way.

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